[ ]  Introduction

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Metalong is a company founded in 2021 with a passion for technology and a desire to create something innovative. The company was granted company status on March 25, 2022, by the New York State Department.

Since then, Metaverse and Layer 2 Protocol studies have been carried out in the technology industry to facilitate and support scientific research to create suitable conditions for life on other planets through Web3 technology.

[ ]  Cosmiclands Metaverse

His project named Cosmiclands Metaverse focuses on 3D modeling based on real data, based on a real-life universe model. The aim of this project is to 3D model a universe with real data as Metadata and create virtual worlds in itself.

[ ]  Metas Bridge Protocol

We are developing the Metas Bridge Protocol , a Layer 2 solution to overcome barriers in the Metaverse. The purpose of this protocol is to support the deployment and interoperability of new Metaverse platforms by ensuring cross-platform compatibility.

[ ]  In conclusion

Metalong’s projects provide an insight into the technology of the future by focusing on Web3 technology in the technology industry, enabling real-life experiences in virtual worlds to be experienced more interactively and creatively.

[ ]  Our Mission

To model the Cosmiclands project in 3D based on real data and to develop the MB protocol that will enable cross-platform collaboration.

[ ]  Our Vision

Our new virtual world with Web3 technology, a new concept of Blockchain technology, is to create the Cosmiclands Metaverse platform and invite scientists to our virtual world.