Works on all web3 wallet browsers. 

Since the platform is still under development, it has not been activated.

 ICO Round

5,000,000 MLO tokens allocated for the ICO were sold to our investors at $0.03. 4,707,113 Tokens were sold and the amount of money collected was $141,213.39. The remaining 292887 tokens are still in our wallet.


 Refund form

In case of any delay in our event, the Refund form will be activated by a majority vote of our community and the money will be refunded to our investors.

This proves the reliability of our investors.


IEO Round Upcoming

120,000,000 MLO Tokens will be available through the IEO event via centralized exchanges. You see the price per token set in Rounds after the project research and analysis since the initial offering.


First Round

After the research, the price per token in the first round is $0.17.


Second Round

After the analysis, the first offer made in the second round was $0.37.


End Round

We are waiting for the price per token to be determined.

Access Metalong

Metalong is a decentralized protocol and can be accessed from a variety of applications and services.


Use MLO through one of the most popular and longest-standing Binance Smart Chain wallets.


Earn yield at MLO through this non-custodial crypto wallet developed by Coinbase


Store your MLO Tokens in your own Trust wallet